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As our original area of expertise, we have continually invested in upgrading and ensuring our audio equipment is the very best on the market. This includes

  • PA and Speaker Systems
    • L’Acoustics Kara, SB28, SB18, LA8, 115XT HiQ, 5XT, X15, X12, X8
  • Mixers
    • Yamaha Rivage PM10, Rivage PM7, CL5, QL5, QL1, M7CL, LS9-16, LS9-32, PM5D-RH, DSP-5D.
    • Avid S6L-24D, Profile, SC48
    • DiGiCo SD8
  • Radio Microphones
    • Shure UHF-R, ULX-D c/w Beta 87, Beta 58A, KSM9 capsules
    • Sennheiser G3 c/w 865 capsules
  • Standard Microphones
    • DPA 4099, D:Fine, D:Facto II
    • Shure 57, Beta 57, 58, Beta 58, Beta 87, Beta 91, Beta 52, KSM series
    • Sennheiser 900 series, ME36 lectern kit
    • AKG C414, C214, C451
    • Neumann
    • EV RE20, RE50
    • BSS Active DI boxes
    • Radial DI boxes

This list is not exhaustive, for a more in-depth inventory, please contact us.

We can also offer a full multitrack recording systems.